Thursday 4th Aug 2016 – Saturday 27th Aug 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, 4th August, 6 – 9pm
Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 7pm
at CoCA PS35
106 Cherry Street, Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)
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Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle is proud to present What You See is What You Sweat.

What would it look like if artists and curators of color could appropriate a conversation about 'appropriation' in contemporary art? The aim is to flip the script. After all, appropriation is a power play. White supremacy, sexism, transphobia or classism function plainly by dint of it. Yet Western artists from Duchamp to Warhol have made use of appropriation to shift cultural contexts. If we look at appropriation in an open-ended way, what is behind the curtain of ownership, cultural exchange, authenticity, and meaning making here? And can we use appropriation to find the types of relationship-building taking place between communities of color where whiteness is not the center? And to this end how are white artists looking at history and social change? Creativity and power (both balanced and imbalanced) make odd bedfellows.  Suffice it to say, What You See is What You Sweat is a 21st century ride on the dark side of possibilities.

What You See is What You Sweat is made up of a curatorial team of five doers and thinkers who are creating space for arts audiences and artists who shop in the ethnic foods aisle and those who hit the streets for social change. They include: C. Davida Ingram (artist/writer/curator/educator), Chieko Philips (curator/historian/exhibition designer), Christopher Shaw (artist/designer), Leilani Lewis (curator/producer) and Zorn B. Taylor (artist/educator/futurist).

A diverse selection of media from video and textiles to paintings and photographs will be presented from artists including Jeffrey Veregge, Satpreet Kahon, C. Davida Ingram, Nicolas Galanin, Juventino Aranda, Alex Anderson, Zorn Taylor, Mark Mitchell, Micha Cardenas, Romson Bustillo, Lauren Holloway, and Viradeth Xay-Ananh.

An opening reception with the artists and curators will be held on 4th August, ,6-9pm at CoCA PS35. Gallery hours are Thursday -Saturday, 1-7pm.

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