Friday 27th Jul 2018 – Saturday 28th Jul 2018
at Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
Put on by Northwest Film Forum
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What is Home an Obscure Kingdom an Opera Buffa It’s You Always You is an immersive evening-length event that inhabits a central question: what is belonging? In our time, and in Seattle specifically, this question holds a complicated response that is both intuitive and pragmatic, psychological and highly environmental. Created by Coriolis Dance Co-Artistic Director Christin Call, What is Home takes on the elaborateness of this response by assembling a museum come to life. The evening is a participatory experience that encompasses movement installations, interactive exhibits, dance films, and a layered dance theater performance. Absurdly imaginary, ridiculously ornate, What is Home creates a container for true pathos towards the vital human experience of feeling at home.

-via Northwest Film Forum