Wednesday 2nd May 2018
1 – 5pm
at Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Portland, OR 97232
Put on by Living Future Unconference
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This year, the Water Summit at the Living Future Unconference will focus on four of the stickiest brain-teasers facing Net Positive Water and Healthy Watersheds. Each topic will feature an Ignite talk, bringing a fresh perspective, a spark of inspiration or reframing of the issue from a leader in the field. Attendees will then break up into discussion groups and tackle one of these knots, in the hopes of finding some new path forwards and new strategies to try in our journey for holistic, net positive, and watershed appropriates to meeting water needs.

The four “big” topics are:
1. Achieving Net Positive Water in arid climates
2. Achieving Net Positive Water in high-density contexts or with high-intensity use types
3. Finding the right scale and kind of system for each project
4. Up front and long term affordability and equity

Throughout the session, participants will use a watershed framing approach and incorporate work that the Institute and other partners have completed and continue to produce. Attendees will leave the Summit equipped with new tools, new partnerships and new understandings of the role Net Positive Water systems plays in designing for a Living Future.

NOTE: Living Future 18 pre-conference workshops, summits and tours are open to both conference attendees looking to add onto their experience and non-conference attendees seeking to attend.


Josiah Cain
Director of Innovation, Sherwood Design Engineers
Josiah Cain serves as Sherwood Design Engineers’ Director of Innovation. A student of design, ecology, and technology, his deep sustainable design experience and multi-disciplinary approach provide insight and opportunities for optimization of site and structure.

Monica Lewis-Patrick
Co-Founder, We the People
Deeply disturbed by the water crisis in her home state of Michigan, Lewis-Patrick set out to provide daily essentials to those in need. She has helped low-income families and the elderly, from Detroit to Flint, gain access to clean water—something many of us take for granted.

Justin Stenkamp
Senior Associate, PAE Engineers
Justin has nearly two decades of experience designing and operating mechanical systems. A senior associate with PAE, Justin designs building mechanical systems with a focus on the sustainable.

Prem Sundharam
Global Sustainability Leader, DLR Group
An industry recognized thought leader on sustainability and high performance building design, Prem serves as the Global Sustainability Leader at DLR Group.