Thursday 1st Feb 2018 – Friday 23rd Mar 2018
Gallery hours: M–Th, 11AM–6PM
Opening celebration: 21 February, 6–9PM
at Non–Breaking Space
532 1st Ave S. Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Non–Breaking Space, Civilization
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This exhibition is a small survey of cultural works from the collection of graphic designer Sean Wolcott, founder of design studio Rationale. Each work reflects the values and principles explored within the modernist tradition. With the advent of modernism (Post–WWI and the Russian Revolution), the graphic style shifted dramatically in shape, color, type and use of space.

Certain sans serif typefaces, such as Franklin Gothic, Monotype Grotesque, Futura, and Helvetica Neue, were all popularized for their clarity and impact. Artwork and pictures were used less frequently, in favor of communicating with strong simple shapes and geometric forms. Perhaps the most notable change was the establishment of the grid system which guided the designer’s use of space and helped convey consistency and order.

This selection of work promotes cultural events, exhibitions, festivals, performances, or are themselves pieces of cultural ephemera and experimentation.

-via Non–Breaking Space