Thursday 10th May 2018
3 – 4:30pm
at Impact Hub
220 2nd Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Civilization, Knot Strategy
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You have a critical project for your organization, a precious budget, and limited resources available. What next? Learn how to run a successful request for proposal process and get your design project off to a great start with the right partner.

This workshop will be covering the ways to align your team internally, define your problem, write a request, invite and evaluate candidates, plan an optimal process and timeline, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to get your project underway so that you make the most of your resources.

It will be led by Leslie Hale, founder of brand strategy firm Knot Strategy, and Michael Ellsworth co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of design practice Civilization.

The event is FREE, but there will be limited seating, so please reserve your seat today!

-via Civilization