Monday 29th Apr 2019
2 – 3:30pm and 4:30 – 6pm (two lectures)
at Portland Japanese Garden, Yanai Classroom
611 SW Kingston Ave. Portland, OR 97205
Put on by Portland Japanese Garden
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Christian Tagsold, the German author of Spaces in Translation: Japanese Gardens and the West discusses his provocative and groundbreaking theories that the idea of the Japanese garden has less to do with Japan’s history and traditions than with the country’s interactions with the West. Tagsold, who has researched over eighty Japanese gardens in ten countries, explores their history, popularity, and shifting aesthetic, as well as that most elusive concept — authenticity. An interview with the author is available here.

Limited copies of Christian Tagsold’s book Spaces in Translation: Japanese Gardens and the West will be available for purchase and signing at the event.

Christian Tagsold is Associate Professor at the Institute for Modern Japanese Studies, University of Düsseldorf. He writes on Japanese garden in the West, sport mega-events in Japan, and Japanese diasporas in Europe. He has been researching Japanese gardens in Europe and the USA since 2006.  Spaces in Translation (Penn Press) appeared in August 2017.