Thursday 19th Jan 2017 – Wednesday 24th May 2017
Opening Reception, 19th Jan, 7 – 10pm
at The Paramount Theatre
911 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Put on by STG Presents
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STG announces Tracy Rector as the new curator for its Re:definition art gallery, which also offers a new mission to feature Indigenous Centered Perspectives. The gallery will showcase three rotating art exhibits throughout the year, all of which aim to elevate the presence and availability of work created by Indigenous artists. The first exhibit will feature the works of Kalen Goodluck and Adam Sings In The Timber and will run from January 19 until May 24, 2017. The exhibit launch party, which will also feature a pop-up installation by John Feodorov, takes place on January 19 at 7pm in the Paramount Gallery and Lobby. The party is free and open to the public. 

"The pervasive colonizer mentality of writing and re-writing history, to serve the needs of those in power, is a symptom of 'dis-ease' that impacts our global body," says Rector. "As an act of healing, now is the time to decolonize false narratives, spaces and our minds. Re:definition gives us the opportunity to collectively imagine an Indigenous centered future, engineer interwoven fantasies, and carves out a space for Indigenous people to feel acknowledged with honesty, beauty and truth."

Re:definition was launched in 2016 with the goal of redefining historic cultural space and highlighting issues of race and social justice, both locally and globally. With this mission in mind, STG transformed the Paramount Theatre's lobby bar into an art gallery, offering a different artistic mission annually to be expressed in rotating exhibits throughout the year. The mission for 2016 was Illuminating Black Art in Seattle with exhibits curated by Tariqa Waters and Jonathan Moore. Featured artists included Jazz Brown, Jodi-Ann Burey, Ari Glass, Aramis O. Hamer, and Christopher Shaw.

-via STG Presents