Thursday 27th Jul 2017
6:30 – 8:30pm
at Interior Office Solutions
811 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Put on by Design Museum Portland
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Explore every perspective of developing a building that breeds wellbeing with Design Museum Portland's first Project 360.

Design Museum Portland is excited to introduce this unique new program, in which they feature a notably transformative project and offer an insightful 360° view of its conception and completion. The first Project 360 includes all of the individuals who hold key perspectives regarding the development of Portland’s newest WELL Certified building, the Interior Office Solutions showroom!

The WELL Building Standard requires an approach to design that prioritizes internal and external individual wellness above all else. With an emphasis on seven critical concept categories—Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind—the WELL Building Standard outlines a specific set of research-based conditions that, when met, establish an enriched environment that nourishes the wellbeing of the individuals within it.  The Project 360 panel will illustrate the complete process of fulfilling the WELL Building Standard from a diverse set of perspectives.

“We can significantly improve the human condition through the way we design, construct, and operate our buildings” – WELL Building standard, condensed summary

Taking place the evening of July 27th at the brand new Interior Office Solutions Showroom, one of the first WELL-certified buildings in Portland, attendees will quite literally move through various viewpoints, creating the opportunity not only to hear about but to experience firsthand the result of this innovative and intentional design process. This event is sure to be an amazing kick-off to the brand new series and should not be missed!

Project 360 is a special event series aimed at telling the full story of the most transformational design projects across the 12 Design Impact Areas. Each event features multiple, short presentations from the multidisciplinary thought leaders, stakeholders, and decision makers associated with the project—taking the audience through the project from multiple points of view. As they visit each knowledge point, guests will have the opportunity to experience the distinct perspectives of all key figures involved in the project and ultimately gain a 360° understanding.

-via Design Museum Portland