Thursday 22nd Jun 2017
5:30 – 6:30pm No-host bar, mingling
6:30 – 8pm Presentation
at The Observatory at Smith Tower
506 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Costigan Integrated
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Annalisa Capurro

Photos: Annalisa Capurro

A conversation with designer, photographer and preservation activist Annalisa Capurro to benefit Two Schools, an exciting partnership between Giddens School & Lake Washington Girls Middle School.

Drawing upon lessons learned from over two decades of design and design advocacy, Annalisa will share stories of her and others efforts to foster love and appreciation for mid-century modern architecture. Architecture from the mid-20th century can teach us much today; ambitious, innovative, brave, optimistic and restrained, midcentury modern architecture was a vehicle for social change with the intention of creating a better world.

Annalisa Capurro a passionate advocate for the preservation of mid-century modern architecture, Annalisa travels extensively, educating and inspiring others to appreciate and preserve this significant and vulnerable part of our architectural heritage. When at home in Sydney, Australia, Annalisa lives in the iconic 1957 award-winning Jack House.

For more information on Annalisa, watch this video.

About the Two Schools Project:

Sometimes in life, opportunity just looks up and stares you in the face. Such was the case when the two schools -- Lake Washington (LWGMS) and Giddens -- found themselves wrestling with near identical dilemmas. How can they continue to be viable schools for the rest of the 21st Century while operating in outdated, unsafe, rented facilities? How could they maintain their Central District location, continue to serve a diverse array of families and keep our focus on combining academic excellence with equity and social justice?

Coming together around the same set of problems presented an equally obvious solution: Join forces to construct a new facility that would serve both schools, allow each school to maintain its own identity, to grow and thrive. The schools and their boards are committed to doing just that by jointly securing the site of the former Imperial Lanes, at 2101 22nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144.

Two Schools invites you to lean in at this critical moment in both schools' history and learn how you can be part of making this dream come true. 

Venue sponsorship courtesy of Unico.

ARCADE is proud to be a media sponsor of this event.

Annalisa Capurro event

-via Costigan Integrated