Friday 20th Apr 2018
3–4pm: Mysteron Critiques
4–5pm: Talk by Parsons & Charlesworth
at Shattuck Hall Annex
1914 SW Park Avenue Portland, OR
Put on by Portland State University School of Architecture
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Can an existing mass-produced object be transformed in a week into a mysterious new thing? Portland State University School of Architecture presents a critique and discussion with Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth, artists and designers based in Chicago, addressing this question. Leading up to this lecture by Parsons and Charlesworth, the PSU School of Architecture will hold a week-long design competition where several teams of students will be given the same object and asked to transform it into something else entirely. These Mysterons, or mysterious things, will be displayed and critiqued by Parsons and Charlesworth, who create work that reflects upon the current and future state of our designed culture. Following this public critique of the Mysterons, Parsons and Charlesworth will give a public lecture at Shattuck Hall Annex. This event is part of Design Week Portland 2018.

-via Portland State University School of Architecture