Monday 1st May 2017 – Saturday 1st Jul 2017
Reception, May 3: 6 – 9pm
Curator Talk, May 6: 2 – 3pm
at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer
6113 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108
Put on by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer
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The term Heaven and Earth, TianDi, originated in Daoism to represent a view of the cosmos based on interdependent bi-polar energies. It is most commonly represented as Yin Yang, the never-ending, continually reinventing, evolution of all things. These oppositions were comprehensive, permeating personal, social, political, physical forces, as well as divine aspects of the world. Some of the most basic opposing forces are: light/dark; hot/cold; South/North; sun/moon; male/female; public/private, and of course, Heaven/Earth. Accordingly, the first term in each of the opposing forces is aligned with Yin, and the second term is aligned with Yang.

Heaven & Earth is composed of works that demonstrates Daoism’s vitality today. The works included in this exhibition, which were all created since 2005, are by a group of Chinese artists based in mainland China (the exception is Hilda Shen’s Slices, which was created in New York). Daoism is so deeply embedded in Chinese culture that the artists themselves may or not be conscious of whether and how it affects their work. It is not surprising that the works deal primarily with landscapes of various types and in different media. This is consistent with the dominance of landscape as the primary genre throughout the history of Chinese art.

Featured artists include: Qiao Xiaoguang, Chen Zhao, Deng Guoyuan, Liu Liping, Hilda Shen, Mei Wanting, and Jiang Chao.

-via Hoedemaker Pfeiffer