Thursday 1st Nov 2018 – Saturday 3rd Nov 2018
1 Nov, opening event: 5 – 8pm
2 Nov, by appointment
3 Nov, by appointment

at goCstudio
321 3rd Ave S, #201 Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by goCstudio
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Emerging artist Emily Tanner-McLean presents "Follow Me Through Four Levels," a video installation at goCstudio that creates a room within a room, in which the artist presents footage of an archetypal mountain and forest scene. This composition is disrupted by different versions of itself that flicker in and out like competing frequencies, crescendoing in a bath of colors both beautiful and terrifying. Inspired by the four levels of achieving consciousness, "Follow Me Through Four Levels" creates a space or “box” for examining myth, the difference between real and fake, expectation and outcome, and the Grand Joke that is on us.