Tuesday 10th Apr 2018
6 – 8pm
at Atlas Workbase
500 Mercer St. Seattle, WA 98109
Put on by IxDA Seattle
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“Human-centered” is a core tenet of current design approaches. Designing products, experiences, and built environments that augment human life involves more than identifying people’s wants, needs, and desires; it requires understanding their lifeworlds and cultivating empathy for those people.

But how do we as designers, researchers, and technologists go about doing that? What are the rules of engagement when users are the subjects of investigation? What’s in our toolbox regarding research ethics?

This panel explores these questions by bringing people in industry, academia, and the University of Washington’s Institutional Review Board together to discuss cross-disciplinary and domain-specific approaches to ethically-based human subjects research and design.

-via IxDA Seattle