Friday 21st Apr 2017 – Saturday 29th Apr 2017
at various locations in Portland
Put on by Design Week Portland
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Design Week Portland is a week-long, city-wide series of programs exploring the process, craft, and practice of design across all disciplines. Their mission is to increase appreciation and awareness about design and its far-reaching effects on matters of cultural and social relevance, including community development, education systems, and the economy.

Portland has always been a bit different. And within the last decade or so, the rest of the world has taken notice. Forever pushing forward, the compact city continues to emerge as a dynamic center of creativity, composed of a vital community of designers and makers at its core. Design Week Portland stitches together the events and happenings that will connect, educate, and inspire.

Two days of core content on the Main Stage. Hundreds of free or low cost Events and Open Houses, conceived and hosted by the creative community. Public engagement at Headquarters. There’s something for everyone.

-via Design Week Portland