Thursday 17th May 2018
8:30 – 10am
at Wacom Experience Center
1455 NW Irving St. Portland, OR 97209
Put on by Design Museum Portland
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The way we work is changing. According to Forbes, there has been a 40% percent increase in flexible workplace options by employers over the last five years, and regular telecommuting grew 115% in the past decade – nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce. Technology, innovative thinking, and a higher value for quality of life is driving this change, yet some working environments are not keeping up with this pace. Recognizing the breadth of possibilities for remote working has become increasingly important, and there are many revolutionary tools coming to market to address this future of the workplace.

Ashley Spitzer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer at CENTRL Office, joins us for this discussion on maximizing your work experience, no matter where you are. She is an entrepreneur with experience in finance, accounting, business operations, business development, sales, marketing, and HR. Ashley has a passion for helping businesses focus on what they do best. Ashley enjoys spending time with new baby girl Elinor and her son, Cameron.

-via Design Museum Portland