Saturday 1st Jun 2019 – Sunday 2nd Jun 2019
10am – 3pm
at Hugo House
1634 11th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122
Put on by ARCADE, Hugo House

Details on this workshop are forthcoming—stay tuned!

Design critics often issue evaluations based on social and professional standards. This workshop will seek a different approach to design criticism—less judgment and more insight. Writers will learn to develop narratives that open up alternative ways of understanding and relating to the designed world, from buildings to works of industrial art. Assessments will shy away from traditionally subjective sources of criticism, such as questions of beauty or functional deficiency, and instead reflect on the potential for fresh experiences.

About the Instructor
Ayad Rahmani is a professor of architecture at Washington State University where he teaches courses on design and theory. He is the author of two books, the last on Kafka and architecture titled Kafka’s Architectures, published in 2015. He writes widely on subjects related to art, architecture and literature, currently as the architecture critic for the Moscow Pullman Daily News. He is currently working on a new book on Frank Lloyd Wright and Ralph Waldo Emerson, examining the American project through the lens of architecture and literature.