Thursday 13th Apr 2017
6 – 9pm
at Hybrid_Space
1205 E Pike Street, #2D, Seattle, WA 98122
Put on by Hybrid_Space, Bradly Gunn
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Hybrid_Space will be hosting local creator Bradly Gunn's installation Deconstructed - Reconstructed as part of April's Capitol Hill Art Walk.

Deconstructed - Reconstructed is a series of temporary sculptures assembled from typical building materials, instructional patterns, and construction drawings accompanied by audio samplings of the artist’s conceptual influences. Media used includes: Lumber, Sewing Patterns, Paint, Colored Florescent Light, Architectural Plans, Clamps, Tie Down Straps, Found Objects and Audio Recordings.

Bradly Gunn is a Seattle-based artist whose creative practice reinterprets the palimpsestic layers and objects of spatial environments. Improvisational and ambiguous, his creative efforts exhibit the process of thoughtfully curating and uncurating adjacencies of conceptually rich references. His paintings and installations often incorporate found objects or decommissioned spaces: both are characteristically expressive, richly textured, and capitalize on the empowering sense of imagination.

As a co-founder of the Seattle Demo Project, and active member of SOIL, an artist-run gallery, he has received regional design awards for his architectural work, earned his inclusion on competitive artists rosters and successfully completed several small public art projects.

-via Hybrid_Space