Wednesday 10th Apr 2019
6:30 – 7:30pm
at UW Kane Hall, Room 130
4069 Spokane Ln. Seattle, WA 98105
Put on by UW College of Built Environments
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The College of Built Environments is proud to host an evening with Michael Ford, a featured architect with BRANDNU Design. Currently, Ford is an instructor in the architecture program at Madison College, and Co-Founder of The Urban Arts Collective, where he created and conducts The Hip Hop Architecture Camp™ with the mission to increase the number of minorities in architecture and urban planning.

Ford has spent the past decade working to blur the lines between professional practice and academia. He is dedicated to stimulating cross disciplinary discourse between practitioners and residents on the sociological and cultural implications of architecture and urban planning on its inhabitants. More specifically, Ford has unveiled the subconscious roles of historical architectural figures such as LeCorbusier in envisioning the built environments which necessitated the birth of hip hop culture.

-via UW College of Built  Environments