Thursday 27th Apr 2017 – Saturday 10th Jun 2017
Opening Night: April 27, 5 – 8pm
Tuesday – Thursday, 10am – 6pm
Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday, 1 – 5pm
at Center for Architecture and Design
1010 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Seattle Architecture Foundation
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Innovation, renewal and reinvention are some of our nation’s core values. Nowhere are they more evident than in the storefronts, warehouses
and plazas in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. The Main Street America Program empowers community members to be change-makers,
and to leverage the power of place to develop desirable cities and towns emblematic of our uniquely American identity.

Community by Design: Main Streets in a Changing America presents several unique cases studies from across the country that demonstrate how the Main Street America program and similar models can be springboards for community empowerment and help us preserve the places we love.

-via Seattle Architecture Foundation