Thursday 10th Aug 2017 – Thursday 7th Sep 2017
Every Thursday Night, 6 – 9pm
at Hybrid Space Annex
1205 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
Put on by Hybrid Space
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BIO ENGINE is a video installation by Sarah Bonser as a part of the Capitol Hill Art Walk. Please stop by and peer in through the window into the fantastical world beyond.

(note: this installation may only be viewed from the sidewalk)

About BIO ENGINE: These microscopic vignettes explore the opportunities for multiple equations to simulate and perhaps generate complex systems like organs. While it’s nearly impossible to track the movement of each individual cell as a breath is taken, it’s quite possible to evaluate the end points and extrapolate a variety of circumstances between the two points. Using infinitely recursive geometry, unique cell structures can be generated with algorithms. From here we could take a look at the perfect breath and reproduce it with precision. Adhering to rules and adapting to circumstances, the result is a Bioengine. A mechanical organism.

BIO ENGINE will be on display weekly, every Thursday evening throughout the month of August.

To learn more about the artist please visit

-via Hybrid Space