Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 – Saturday 26th Jan 2013
W–S, 12–5pm
at Gallery 110
110 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA
Put on by Gallery 110
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Gallery 110 is featuring two exhbitions with artists who both are inspired by architectural design and the collage technique to create their work. 

Main Gallery

Mixed media artist Betty Sapp Ragan creates large, hand colored photo collages using Pre-Modern architectural ornamentation as a basis for development. Looking up to old large format analog negatives from around the world, Ragan responds  by embedding her own contemporary feel using a technique of collage and hand coloring.  Ragan’s large scale collages ultimately invite the viewer to experience the craft of Pre-Modern architectural decoration as a contemporary portrait.

Small Gallery

Strange Glue is an expression of the everyday, including the effects of time.  Using the vocabulary of architecture, Sabe Lewellyn explores the concepts of urban life; it’s banality, excesses and waste.  The images on view are a collection of recycled and found objects that are collaged with cast acrylic paint on board creating the appearance of building exteriors. Lewellyn transfigures these found objects by allowing the cast acrylic paint to express itself in a literal space instead of the illusionistic that paint frequently creates.

Gallery 110 is also seeking new artist members at this time.