Thursday 19th Oct 2017
12 – 1:30pm
at Community Hall at Wing Luke Museum
719 S King Street, Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by King County Green Tools
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For the people of the Solomon Islands to villages on Alaska's western coast to the Isle de Jean Charles off the coast of Louisiana, whose homes are being swallowed by the sea, climate change is not an abstract, far-off concept. The connection that people feel to place - the place where they make their home, where they are from, where they trace their ancestry - is one common to all humans, and the pain of seeing one's home and place of origin made unrecognizable, or disappear altogether, cuts across all manner of boundaries.

Join us for a conversation about the human side of climate change and the strategies that the art community is using to communicate about this difficult topic. This Roundtable will take a journey with local writers and artists to explore how their work has been influenced by climate migration. Speakers will share how they are using various artistic media to communicate about the impacts of climate change on the land and the people linked to that land. This event will also feature an optional tour of the Wing Luke Museum's exhibit "We Are the Ocean: An Indigenous Response to Climate Change" after the Roundtable.


– Shin Yu Pai, Director of Development and Marketing for Amplifier

– Aaron Huey, Founder and Executive Director of Amplifier

– Kelly Rodriguez, Executive Director and Editor of ARCADE

– Roldy Ablao, Artist and Exhibit Specialist, Wing Luke Museum

- via Cascadia Consulting