Saturday 15th Jun 2019
11am – 4pm
at various locations
Put on by AIA Seattle
More info / RSVP

Join AIA Seattle as they showcase innovative ADU designs across the city. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just interested in seeing what ADUs can look like in Seattle, this is your opportunity to explore built projects and talk to the architects.

The tour is free to all participants.

The tour is self-guided. In the week prior to June 15, registrants will receive maps and additional information to help locate each featured ADU. Please register for the tour via the button below and provide your email address. You must be willing to sign a waiver of liability at the first stop of your tour.

What is an ADU?
Accessory Dwelling Units are small, secondary dwelling units inside, attached to or in the rear yard of a single-family house. ADUs have the potential to increase housing affordability, create a wider range of housing options within the community, enable seniors to stay near family as they age and facilitate better use of the existing housing fabric in established neighborhoods. Information about current ADU permitting regulations in Seattle may be found here.

Seattle has proposed changes to the city’s ADU regulations, which were recently approved to move forward after an appeal of the final environmental impact statement related to the proposed changes. City Councilmember Mike O’Brien is expected to introduce his ADU proposal (the current draft is here) on May 29, followed by public input on June 11 and votes on June 18. The proposal will allow an AADU and a DADU on the same lot, would no longer require off-street parking for accessory units and would no longer require owners of properties with accessory units to live on site. If you are interested in commenting on the proposal, you may do so via email or in person at the June 11 public hearing.

-via AIA Seattle