Thursday 7th Jun 2018
6 – 8pm
at Peter Miller Architecture and Design Books
304 Alaskan Way S, Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98104
Put on by Peter Miller Architecture and Design Books
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Studio Kate Wallich is an organization dedicated to cultivating a community of artists and the public through dance-based, design-forward experiences. The studio envisions a collaborative and connected community that engages and supports uncompromising dance projects.

YC2 is a platform for young dance professionals entering the working field to exercise artistic agency while receiving consistent contracted training, rehearsal and performance opportunities and is the company in residency at Velocity Dance Center. YC2 empowers dancers to thrive artistically in any professional situation.

Joel Sayre is a self-taught sculptor born and raised in the city but now living in the hills outside Duvall. There he spends more time in his studio -- known for obvious reasons to anyone who has ever been there as the "Dust Bowl" -- than he does in his house. Sayre started working with wood when he studied furniture making at the Wood Construction Center in Seattle. Gradually he drifted away from making furniture to sculpting wood as he learned that his mind and personality are better suited to that free-form process.

-via Peter Miller Architecture and Design Books