Thursday 20th Sep 2012
6:30 – 8pm
at South Lake Union Discovery Center
101 Westlake Ave. N., Seattle
Put on by ARCADE, Part of the Seattle Design Festival
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ARCADE is proud to present the Seattle Design Festival keynote speaker, sustainable developer and author of The Carbon Efficient City, A-P Hurd. Join us for this talk!

Tickets available online and at the door. Buy your ticket online and you'll be entered to win a copy of Hurd's book The Carbon Efficient City.

About the talk:

There is much conversation lately about how cities are evolving, and a lot of that conversation in the design world is deterministic in nature: "What should the end product look like?"

However, making cities is more like making people than like making cars. Cities are a product of genetic and environmental factors, and they change over time. Successful cities don't have an "end product." And successful cities are democratic, so by definition no one person designs the whole thing.

If the cities we end up with are actually a product of genetic and environmental factors (just like growing children), then perhaps our design focus should be less on the end product and more on thinking about cities as a design system.

This talk will explore the impact of zoning, financial structures, energy prices, entrepreneurialism, architects and artisanship on the emergent design of our cities

What are the levers for change and how can individual people make a meaningful difference?

A-P Hurd is also a contriburor to the current issue of ARCADE. Read her peice, "Restoring Our Faith in Investment" online and subscribe today to receive ARCADE in print.