Saturday 9th Sep 2017 – Friday 22nd Sep 2017
Put on by Design in Public
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The world around us has changed. As we step back and reflect on our values, as individuals and as a community, we must reassert our commitment to civic responsibility.

We have entered a climate of uncertainty and don’t yet know how the ongoing shifts will unfold. Will there be an eroding of justice and equity, or a renaissance of civic action and fairness? Will we leave people at the margins behind, or will we fight to elevate them?  Will our actions drive positive change, or will we be silenced? We do know this: Seattle has found its voice as a champion of people and the planet. We know that design has an important role to play. We know that to be silent is to be complicit and that we must activate our power.

The theme for SDF2017 is: POWER

Who has the power? Who must we empower? How do the powerful and powerless work together? What power does design have to drive positive change? How should the Seattle design community use its own power?

Please join in showing up, shouting out, and pushing for change.

-via Design in Public