Thursday 14th Sep 2017 – Thursday 5th Oct 2017
Installation can be viewed from 9am – 9pm
at Hybrid Space
1205 E Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122
Put on by Hybrid Space, Patrick Blanchard
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about "—"

When hurricane evacuees finally return home, they will know exactly what lies in ruin inside their home before crossing the threshold. They know because floodwater leaves a telltale mark...a horizontal line that indicates where the water peaked before receding. This line separates what was lost from what remains, ruined memories from salvageable ones, and despair from hope.

In light of the recent events of the past month in Houston and South Florida, many people are dealing with the after effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Local creators Patrick Blanchard and Rosa T Lee's installation "—" speaks to these effects through the investigation of the LINE as a marker of flooding, decay, old and new.

"—" will be on display at Hybrid Space throughout the month of October where passersby can experience this line as a visual reminder of the experiences shared by those still in Houston and South Florida.

-via Hybrid Space