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Empathy, Fire and Spades

Empathy, Fire and Spades

32.2 Fall 2014

Feature Editor:
Brian Boram

Thomas Eykemans

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  • September 10
    Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation: Issue 32.2 Feature Introduction
    Brian Boram

  • September 15
    Ingenuity Isn’t Expensive ... Fear Is.: Reimagining New York City’s Probation Centers
    Lonni Tanner. Edited by John Bielenberg

  • September 19
    25 Bikes, 25 Miles: A Solo Bicyclist Joins an L.A. Group Ride
    Sebastian Jones

  • September 23
    Designing the Whole Idea: An Interview with AvroKO
    BUILD llc

  • September 25
    Lunch at the Shop: A Book Review and Letter to Peter Miller
    Gordon K. Walker

  • September 30
    Old Bones Made New: Rebuilding Community Landmarks Along the Rust Belt
    Erin Langner

  • October 2
    To Steal the Nature: Studio Notes from Louis Kahn’s Master Class
    JM Cava

  • October 7
    A Hereditary Kinship with Nature: The Life of Billy Frank Jr.
    Martha Kongsgaard

  • October 9
    A Place for Grace: The Humanity in Housing First
    Rumi Takahashi

  • October 14
    Turning a Page in Cambodia: Using an Arts-Based Curriculum to Offer New Opportunities for Youth
    Lauren Iida

  • October 21
    Empathy and Algorithms: An Interview with Oren Etzioni, The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
    Brian Boram

  • October 23
    Opening Minds and Apertures: Empowering Youth Through Photography
    Trina Gadsden

  • October 28
    Design Kickflip: Repurposing Skateboards into Boutique Guitars
    David Einmo

  • November 4
    Wanted for Hire: Bamboo Bicycle Builders in Hale County, Alabama
    Brian Boram

  • November 11
    Putting Our Ingenuity to the Test: Using Wood to Create a New Urban Landscape for the Pacific Northwest
    Hans-Erik Blomgren

  • November 18
    Reflecting on The Flying Classroom: A Social Design Project in Iran
    Shaghayegh Ghassemian