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Seattle’s Ethos: Changes in our Shared Space

Seattle’s Ethos: Changes in our Shared Space

36.2 Fall 2018

Feature Editor:
Nick Licata

Zach Hooker

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  • September 12
    Seattle’s Ethos: Changes in Our Shared Space
    Feature Editor: Nick Licata

  • September 14
    Design with the 90%

  • September 18
    Place, People, and Persistence Make a Vision Come True
    Julianna Ross

  • September 19
    The Battle for a Great Urban Park
    Lynn Ferguson

  • September 20
    Re-creation at Magnuson Community Center
    Carol Valdrighi

  • September 25
    Building Community at Magnuson Park
    Lhorna Murray

  • September 26
    Seattle Progressiveness: An Oil Slick that Denies its Origin
    Chandra Hampson

  • October 1
    The CD’s Rich History and Uncertain Future
    Larry Gossett

  • October 2
    Developing the Heart and Soul of Seattle in Its Central Area
    Andrea Caupain Sanderson

  • October 3
    Gentrification and Displacement in Seattle Neighborhoods
    Carol Rashawnna Williams

  • October 9
    The Central
    King Khazm

  • October 10
    My Town
    Kibibi Monie

  • October 11
    Designing Circular Economies and Delivering Disproportionate Impacts: An Interview with Jeremy Innes-Hopkins of IDEO
    BUILD llc

  • October 16
    Visual Ink
    King Khazm

  • October 18
    Discovering the Early Architecture of Snohomish: A Look at J. S. White: Our First Architect; His Surviving Structures from 19th-Century Snohomish
    Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

  • October 23
    Local Focus: What Can We Do About Homelessness and Affordable Housing?: Change Attitudes and Funding
    Al Levine

  • October 24
    Local Focus: +50,000 New Housing Units: HALA, MHA, and Seattle's Program to Address Housing Affordability
    Kate Degman and Karen Cheng

  • October 25
    Local Focus: Understanding Seattle’s Navigation Team
    Eva Grate and Karen Cheng

  • October 30
    The Ghost Cabin
    Greg Lundgren

  • November 6
    Universal Design for Wellness in Space: Linking Interprofessional Collaboration and Public Health
    Melanie Concordia and Jescelle Major

  • November 13
    Designing Time: Antiquarian Horology and the Meaning of Craft
    Danielle McClune

  • November 20
    Eko: Considering Legacy in Architecture
    George Gibbs