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Living by Design in the Pacific Northwest

Living by Design in the Pacific Northwest

32.3 Winter 2014

Feature Editor:
Kelly Rodriguez

Thomas Eykemans

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  • December 12
    Living by Design in the Pacific Northwest: Issue 32.3 Feature Introduction
    Kelly Rodriguez

  • December 16
    The Art and Architecture of Baroque Scandinavian Modernism: An Interview with Gert Wingårdh
    BUILD llc

  • December 18
    The Future of the Future: The 21st-Century Design Revolution Will Begin in Seattle
    Surya Vanka

  • December 30
    Gezellig: A House with Doors That Never Close
    Ron van der Veen

  • January 1
    My Beautiful, Northwest-Threaded Fantasy: The Art of Ann Hamilton’s the common S E N S E
    Erin Langner

  • January 6
    Visual Identities: The Great Canadian Flag Debate at 50
    Sam Holleran

  • January 13
    A Prejudiced Palate: What Leaving the Emerald City Taught Me About Its Goût de Terroir
    Callie Neylan

  • January 20
    Wayfinding as a Cultural Language: The Art of Makoto Fujimura
    Molly McCue

  • January 27
    Triple-Duty Streets: Expanding the Definition of What Our Streets Can Offer
    Nora Daley-Peng

  • January 29
    Designing Leadership: A PechaKucha Event
    Ana Pinto da Silva

  • February 3
    Designing the Way
    Albert Shum

  • February 5
    Five Ways That Design Schools Lead
    Karen Cheng

  • February 10
    Modernist Graphic Design in the Pacific Northwest: Tracing Designers and Influence
    Sean Wolcott

  • February 12
    Leadership: Piece by Piece
    Sharon Nyree Williams

  • February 17
    A Hidden “Forest Cathedral”: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
    Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

  • February 19
    Business Is About People, Not Technology or Profit
    Michael Nguyen

  • February 24
    The Art and Science of Real-Time Community in the Pacific Northwest: Designing in a 24/7 Connected World
    Hanson Hosein

  • February 26
    Art School as Leader
    Moira Scott Payne

  • March 3
    Meditating on Moving Through Our Landscape: A New Artwork in the Snoqualmie Valley
    Donald Fels

  • March 5
    If I Were to Design a Leader
    Lisa Picard

  • March 10
    Growing Bikes from Trees: Hardwoods Return to Cycling
    David Einmo

  • March 12
    Design and Leadership: Inextricably Linked, All of the Time
    Barbara Swift

  • March 17
    Changing the Conversation About the Growth of Pacific Northwest Cities
    Jill Jago

  • March 19
    Community-Inspired Design Leads Seattle’s New Waterfront Park
    Heidi Hughes

  • March 24
    Notes from a Design Biennial
    Jayme Yen

  • March 26
    Truth Be Told: Designing Leaders Who Listen
    Sandy Cioffi

  • March 31
    Living a Life of Meaning: Defining Leadership That Makes an Impact
    Rico Quirindongo