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A City to Love: Auckland’s Visions of a Public Realm

A City to Love: Auckland’s Visions of a Public Realm

35.2 Fall 2017

Feature Editor:
The 2015-2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows

Zach Hooker

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  • September 14
    A City to Love: Auckland's Visions of a Public Realm
    Feature by the 2015-2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows

  • September 19
    Humanity-Centered Design: How Ethics Will Change the Conversation About AI
    Ruth Kikin-Gil

  • September 27
    Time, Place, and Culture: An Interview with Dean Sakamoto on the Work of Vladimir Ossipoff
    BUILD llc

  • October 17
    Anecdotal Objects: How Stories Give Meaning to the Things We Make
    Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent

  • October 24
    Pull Me Closer: A View Inside John Grade’s Middle Fork
    Erin Langner

  • October 31
    Restoring Kirk: Lessons in Midcentury Maintenance
    Dale Kutzera

  • November 7
    Photography by Eirik Johnson

  • November 14
    Mapping the Policy Landscape: Visualizing Nutrition Regulations in Early Childhood Care and Education
    By Jennifer J. Otten and Tad Hirsch Information graphic by Chad P. Hall, Tad Hirsch, and Jennifer J. Otten