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Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals

Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals

34.2 Fall 2016

Feature Editor:
Gregory T. Woolston


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  • September 15
    Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals
    Gregory T. Woolston

  • September 20
    Displacement in New Orleans
    Maurice Carlos Ruffin

  • September 22
    Beyond Borders: Reflections on the 2016 Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future
    Jescelle Major

  • September 27
    San Francisco Tech Bus Stops, Dispacement, and Architectures of Racial Capitalism
    Erin McElroy

  • September 29
    The Hood Ain’t the Same: An Interview with Draze
    Gregory T. Woolston

  • October 4
    Understanding the Divided City: An Interview with Wendy Pullan, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research
    BUILD llc

  • October 6
    Between Places: Reconnecting Through Mapping, Art, and Data Visualization
    Sai Sinbondit

  • October 11
    How to Build Without a Land: 2011-Ongoing
    Saba Innab

  • October 13
    Forgotten Histories in Pioneer Square: The Terminal Garage
    Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

  • October 18
    Mapping the Makeshift Camps of Migration
    Katja Ulbert

  • October 20
    Our Country: Perspectives of Syrian Girls in Za'atari Refugee Camp
    Laura Doggett

  • October 25
    A Place Not Built Upon: Reflections on Site 1121: Field Notes
    Britton Shepard

  • October 27
    A Bridge to Somewhere Important: How the UW Light-Rail Station Transformed an Intersection
    Charles Tonderai Mudede

  • November 1
    Programmatic Violence: Pages from 'Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention'
    Tings Chak

  • November 3
    Migration Routes as Conduits of Transformation
    Reena Saini Kallat

  • November 8
    Welcome to the Living Room!: Creating Inclusive Spaces for Conversation in Europe
    Laura M. Pana

  • November 10
    The Evolving Boundaries of Manhattan’s Chinatown
    Shaolu Yu

  • November 15
    Flygirl in the Butterfly Bush: Notes on a Changing Seattle
    C. Davida Ingram

  • November 17
    Looking for Home in the Right Places: Salvadoran Immigrants in the US
    Claudia Castro Luna

  • November 22
    How Making Chocolate is like Building Software
    Callie Neylan

  • November 29
    Poverty, Inequality, and the Seattle Minimum Wage Experiment
    Chad P. Hall Karen Cheng

  • December 1
    Great Man Theory: A Review of Pierluigi Serriano's 'The Creative Architect: Inside the Great Midcentury Personality Study'
    John Parman