Images of launch party attendees and ARCADE magazine

Image credits—Left: Issue 36.1 launch party, photo by Michael Stearns / Hybrid3 Design Studio. Middle: Issue 35.3, photo by Seth D'Ambrosia / D'Ambrosia Design LLC. Right: Issue 36.2 launch party, photo by Michael Stearns / Hybrid3 Design Studio.

We're getting closer! ARCADE has raised $2,450 toward our goal of $10,000 in the month of October; if we reach that goal, generous ARCADE supporter John Parman will contribute another $5,000 in support of ARCADE and increase his gift next year. To an organization of our size, this represents a substantial gift. We need your help to meet this challenge!

As a reader of ARCADE, you value the information and new perspectives it brings. Henry Walters of Atelier Drome is a new board member. This is why he cares about ARCADE:

"When I graduated from the University of Idaho and moved to Seattle in 1999, I met Kelly and was introduced to the ARCADE community through friends and coworkers. ARCADE was a way for me to learn about architecture and design issues important in the Pacific Northwest, as well as an opportunity to meet my peers and build a network. Over the years I've gotten busier in my career and building my business and haven't made the time to stay engaged in the design community and give back as much as I'd like, and joining the board is giving me the opportunity to do just that. I am looking forward to re-engaging, making new friends, and contributing where I can to this excellent organization."

Henry challenges each of you to join him in his support of ARCADE. If you have not donated previously, please consider making a donation to help us meet this challenge; if you are a current donor, please consider making an additional contribution. Each gift of $100 or more will receive a ARCADE’s 35th Anniversary poster designed by Sean Wolcott, founder and creative director of Rationale.