Images of launch party attendees and ARCADE magazine

Image credits—Left: Issue 35.1 launch party, photo by Michael Stearns / Hybrid3 Design Studio. Middle: Issue 31.4, photo by Hart Boyd. Right: Issue 36.2 launch party, photo by Michael Stearns / Hybrid3 Design Studio.

Dear ARCADE supporter:

As president of ARCADE’s Board of Trustees—a position I am privileged to hold—I want to share with you why I believe ARCADE is an important part of our community. Unlike many, I came to ARCADE relatively recently. In 2014, knowing of my interest in design and architecture, a client introduced me to the magazine. I immediately fell in love.

ARCADE explores our built environment, design, and art in ways that no one else does. The past four years have seen a discussion of how data is infiltrating our culture, reflections on how designers are influenced by people and experiences, an exploration of climate change by the youth who will live with the consequences of the decisions that we are (not) making, and so many others. Shortly after I joined the board, someone described ARCADE as part of the intellectual capital of Seattle and the Northwest; as I have come to know the organization, I think there is no better way to describe ARCADE and its place in our community.

However, we live in challenging times, especially for a small arts organization. Subscription fees represent a small portion of ARCADE’s annual budget. 70% of ARCADE’s annual budget comes from donations. While we continue to publish the magazine and engage the community through our programing, we need your support to continue.

John Parman, a member of our editorial committee, has challenged the ARCADE Board of Trustees to raise $10,000 by October 31 to support our programs and magazine. If we reach that goal, he will donate an additional $5,000 this year and will raise his Leadership Giving to $5,000 next year. To an organization of our size, this represents a substantial gift. We need your help to meet this challenge.

If you have not donated previously, please consider making a donation to help us meet this challenge; if you are a current donor, please consider making an additional contribution. Each gift of $100 or more will receive ARCADE’s 35th Anniversary poster designed by Sean Wolcott, founder and creative director of Rationale.

Thank you for being part of the ARCADE family and for helping us meet this challenge.



Jason Bergevin's signature

Jason Bergevin, President, ARCADE Board of Trustees