In June, ARCADE partnered with PechaKucha Seattle and [storefront] Olson Kundig Archiects to present PechaKucha: STORY at the [storefront]. Thank you to the presenters, guests, and everyone who helped make the event a success!

Couldn't make it to the event? Want to revisit many of the fantastic presentations? Check out video of the presentations from PechaKucha STORY.

PechaKucha STORY at [storefront] Olson Kundig Architects.

Photo: David Coy

Presenters included:

Eric Becker, Filmmaker

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"I think social justice is a communication issue a lot of times. If we can figure out compelling narratives and ways to talk about story, we can actually convince people."

Manny Chao - Georgetown Brewing

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"I always grin when I walk up to the brewery because it's such a cool space, and I'm so proud of it."

Frida Clements - Show Poster/Graphic Designer

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"Nothing comes without struggle. Allowing failure or bad ideas to happen is a necessary part of the process, and that's true in all aspects of life."

Brangien Davis - Seattle Magazine

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"We wanted to be able to walk in and turn the page on a new chapter in our lives. We bought a hoarder house...even in our darkest hours of buyer's remorse, something about the house still spoke to us: the good bones, the way it flowed, the light pouring in. We knew the house had its own story."

Whitney Ford-Terry - Hedreen Gallery, Henry Art Gallery, ARCADE Editorial Committee

Karin Kough - Seattle Opera / Creative Individual

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"I came to understand this project was my story -- being told through the dolls -- and didn't even realize I was telling it. I was expressing a theme of death, but not death as the end, death as transition."

Adrian MacDonald - LMN

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"A lot of people search for authenticity in architecture through the idea of process -- process media -- and I'm not convinced that that's really hitting it for a lot of people. I don't always want to know how it was made...I'm interested in how the streets form the space and the narrative."

Alan Maskin - Olson Kundig Architects

Charles Mudede - The Stranger, filmmaker, ARCADE Editorial Committee

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"This story tonight is going to be about me thinking about lovers."

Hana Porobic - Actor

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"Our beautiful, linear story had to be chopped get over those hurdles we had to re-tell the story..."

Mark VonRosenstiel – Artist

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"Stories remind us of the continuity of our lives...that the discreteness that makes us up as people--that we can transcend that."