Photos (left to right): Michael Stearns/Hybrid3, Sam Cook, Benjamin K. Shown, David Yousling

In 2017, ARCADE is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Founded in 1981 by a group of recent architecture-school graduates, ARCADE now includes a staff of three, a dedicated board of trustees, a cadre of generous and enthusiastic committee members and volunteers, and many talented creative contributors.

A fun fact about ARCADE (why it appears in ALL CAPS) is that the name is an acronym:
Compendium of
Architecture and
Design in the

Over the last 34 years ARCADE’s programming has expanded well beyond architecture to comprise ideas from all allied design fields, art, culture, and the environments we live in. Aiming to strengthen connections between various creative groups and design disciplines, we invite all to participate and collectively add to the greater whole.

For the design of volume 35, we are pleased to announce our design partnership with Seattle’s Graphiti Associates.

ARCADE publishes three times a year in the spring, fall, and winter. Our columns cover a range of design-minded topics, and each issue includes a themed feature. Among its 2017 editorial offerings ARCADE will examine climate change from the perspective of today’s youth, and the city of Auckland, New Zealand, as a case study for design-led city building.

Issue 35.1 / April 2017

Generation Anthropocene
Feature Editor: Charles Tonderai Mudede

In 2012, Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil and current US Secretary of State, admitted climate change is real but not really a problem because we humans can easily adapt to changing environments. He, of course, will not be around to do any of this adapting—that work will be left to future generations. This ARCADE feature is dedicated to today's youth, many of whom, in coming decades, will be forced to deal with a radically different planet. These pages will present words and images from those who have to make sense of the first human-altered climate in the long history of life on Earth.

Issue 35.2 / September 2017

Auckland - A City to Love - Visions of a Public Realm 
Feature Editors: 2015 -2016 University of Washington Runstad Fellows (Ben Broesamle, Joe David, Genevieve Hale-Case, Amy Hartman, Giovanni Migliaccio, Rick Mohler, and Barbara Swift)

Auckland NZ

2015-16 Runstad Affiliate Fellows

The people of Auckland, New Zealand, are brilliantly grappling with core issues we all share. This is a story to learn from with powerful optimistic results achieved through a holistic, visionary approach to city building and resiliency. The 2015-16 Runstad Center Fellows spent a year investigating Auckland as a case study for place- and design-led city building. Auckland has nested together vision, financing, and love of place, economics, culture, history and vibrant city living into one multi-pronged strategy. In this ARCADE feature, the fellows will share their findings.

Issue 35.3 / December 2017, Feature TBD

ARCADE events

Photos: Michael Stearns, Hybrid3

For our 35th anniversary, ARCADE will host several events—from lectures to salons to our highly-anticipated magazine launch parties—to bring our community together to connect face-to-face through engaging, inspiring programming.

February 26, Partner event: Town Hall Past and Future
March 14, Undeniable: An Art and Science Lecture on Edward Burtynsky’s Photographs with Erin Langner and Josh Lawler
April 20, Issue 35.1 Launch Party + Community Celebration
May, Salon/lecture on issue 35.1 topic
Summer, 35 Years of ARCADE Exhibit + BBQ at Peter Miller Books
September 7, Issue 35.2 Launch Party + Community Celebration
October, Salon/lecture on issue 35.2 topic
December 7, Issue 35.3 Launch Party, Community Celebration + Holiday Auction
January 2018, Salon/lecture on issue 35.3 topic
February 2018, ARCADE Awards

Thank you for supporting ARCADE for 34 years. We look forward to celebrating our 35th anniversary with you this year!

Erin Kendig, Managing Editor
Jessica Quijada, Publishing & Marketing Coordinator
Kelly Rodriguez, Executive Director, Editor

Board of Trustees
Jason Bergevin, President
Bill Sleeth, Vice President
George Lampe, Treasurer
Ray Calabro, Acting Secretary
Drew Giblin, Ex-Officio
Jill Hardy
Robert Harrahill
Kate Murphy
Ron Rochon
Thomas Schaer
Sarah Szabo

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, ARCADE’s mission is to reinforce the principle that thoughtful design at every scale of human endeavor improves our quality of life. Support ARCADE today.

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