Te Ara I Whiti, a freeway off ramp repurposed as bike/pedestrian path.

Te Ara I Whiti, a freeway off ramp in Auckland repurposed as bike/pedestrian path. Photo courtesy of the 2015–2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows.

The city of Auckland, New Zealand, will be on display at the ARCADE Fall Salon on October 26, 2017 (tickets available now).

The 2015–2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows will expand on their fall ARCADE feature "A City to Love: Auckland's Visions of a Public Realm" as they share findings from their time studying the New Zealand "super city."

According to the Fellows, who spent a year investigating Auckland as a case study for place and design-led city building, Auckland and Seattle have much in common. Both cities share similarities in climate, age, size, urban form, and relationship to adjacent communities. In terms of transportation, "Auckland’s diversity of transit modes—train, light rail, bus, and ferry—is also similar, and it too is car centric and striving to wean itself off auto dependency." The political climates in Auckland and Seattle are comparable and, like we are, "Auckland is experiencing rapid growth, creating pressures on transportation systems, housing supply, public amenities, and livability."

The Fellows found that Auckland has embraced a visionary approach to city building and resiliency. And what is clear is that the story the Fellows have to share from Auckland is about love; it's about "a city and region remaking itself with the goal of being a place that its citizens will love, a story about a dialog between a city and the people who live there." 

It's a story worth hearing as Seattle faces its own struggles. What parallel lessons are there for Seattle from 7,000 miles away?

Join us on October 26, 2017 from 6:30–8pm at The Cloud Room to hear from the 2015-2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows. Get your tickets here (limited space available).

Speakers: The University of Washington Runstad Center Affiliate Fellows Program "gathers thought leaders from industry, faculty from the College of Built Environment, and top students pursuing a Master of Science in Real Estate for an 18-month program to examine real estate issues in the built environment." The 2015–2016 Runstad Affiliate Fellows are Ben Broesamle, Joe David, Genevieve Hale-Case, Amy Hartman, Giovanni Migliaccio, Rick Mohler, and Barbara Swift. 

Venue: The Cloud Room, located in the heart of Capitol Hill in Chophouse Row, "provides a shared working environment that’s enriched by the people who occupy it."

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