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Kio Kit in use by students.

Kio Kit. Photo: Barbara Muriungi Collett © BRCK Inc.

September 13, 2018–May 11, 2019
Showing at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center, Seattle

Through next spring, the Gates Foundation’s Discovery Center is presenting Design with the 90%, an exhibition featuring design projects that address challenges faced by marginalized communities around the world. Curated by Cynthia E. Smith from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and featuring innovative, low-cost design responses to the needs and input of underserved communities, Design with the 90% extends a series of exhibitions organized by the museum dedicated to socially responsible design. Over the last decade, these groundbreaking exhibitions have sparked a global dialogue around design’s significant role in addressing critical 21st-century challenges.

The 26 projects chosen for Design with the 90% highlight how design is improving access to life’s essentials—clean water, health care, education, and shelter—as well as increasing economic opportunities and strengthening communities. Among designers from around the world, Seattle-based groups such as BURN Design Lab, PATH, and TEAGUE are also featured in the exhibition. Additionally, Design with the 90% will include a section exploring how design can help provide solutions to local challenges facing Seattle.

For more information, visit Design with the 90% will be up September 13, 2018 through May 11, 2019.

Kio Kit in use by students.

Kio Kit. Photo: Barbara Muriungi Collett © BRCK Inc.

A diagram of the AdSpecs design.

A man wearing AdSpecs.

AdSpecs. Photo and illustration: © Centre for Vision in the Developing World

A woman using a BURN Cookstove.

BURN Cookstoves. Photo courtesy of BURN Manufacturing

Two men installing a Bicycle Phone Charger on a bicycle.

Bicycle Phone Charger. Photo: © Bernard B. Kiwia

A doctor on a Floating Community Lifeboat.

A Floating Community Lifeboat moored at the shore.

Lessons underway on a Floating Community Lifeboat.

Floating Community Lifeboats. Photos: Abir Abdullah © Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha

People using LifeStraw to drink.

LifeStraw. Photo courtesy of LifeStraw

A ShelterBox being carried up a staircase.

ShelterBox. Photo courtesy of ShelterBox

Women looking at the Portable Light Project.

Portable Light Project. Photo courtesy of KVA MATx