Introduction to the ARCADE Issue 36.1 feature,"ARCADE at 35: A Retrospective." Articles from the issue will release online over the following weeks. Subscribe to receive ARCADE in print.

A grid of past ARCADE magazine covers

Photo by Michael Stearns

The birth of ARCADE, over 35 years ago, was a community effort; it took a village to bring it into the world and to nurture its adolescence. For the first 19 years of its life, ARCADE was produced by volunteers, then, commensurate with the new millennium, organizational leadership concluded it was time to hire the nonprofit’s first employee. Seventeen years later, ARCADE continues to be a unique and valuable resource for design and art communities near and far.

ARCADE’s staff remains lean with three employees; our village now includes a board of trustees from wide-ranging disciplines who steward the organization, an imaginative community of creative contributors eager to share their ideas with ARCADE’s readers, an insightful editorial committee who helps guide the magazine’s creative offerings, an annually rotating graphic designer who brings a fresh visual perspective, a cadre of volunteers who support myriad events each year (issue launch celebrations, salons, tours, and more), and a loyal and generous donor community.

In this issue's feature, some longtime ARCADE writers and community members express their thoughts about the organization. They reflect on the ways thoughtful storytelling and nuanced dialogue enrich our lives, both nourishing and challenging us. They highlight the importance of community and connection, and they celebrate the role of print publications in an increasingly digital world. In some cases, we worked to quell their enthusiasm for ARCADE, but in the end we acquiesced. Please indulge us, just this once, as we celebrate 35 years of your ideas and work.

As the world turns, ARCADE intends to continue to keep an editorial eye on cross-disciplinary links between everything we hold dear. Among these, now more than ever, we will work to be more mindful of climate change and social equity, justice and inclusion as they relate to our organizational mission. We care about our collective future, and are determined to continue shining light on the issues that unite us—on our shared humanity.